Sunday, January 22

Jason Wu for Target

Jason Wu is coming to Target has been leaked everywhere not to be mention the huge ad for target in the new Vogue with TSwift on the cover. This will become another Versace for H&M and Missioni for Target extravaganza for sure! With only two weeks away I will definitely be waiting for the doors to open and traveling to multiple stores Sunday morning. I mean the line is just fabulous. It’s so chic with the lace, flirty colors, and simple pieces that can be worn to brunch, business meetings, even a night out on the town. Not to mention the accessories he has made and everything is affordable! No need to save thousands for his handbags when he is making exclusive ones for Target under fifty-dollars, I mean is that not a bargain or what? Call me crazy but Target is doing wonders hooking up with top designers, I wonder who will be next…what designer would you like to come to Target?

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Congrats!!! cant wait to follow you on your journey! love ya