Tuesday, February 21

Alexander McQueen 2012

Yesterday Alexander McQueen set the bar very high for fashion week in London. The lineup was spectacular from velvet embroidered sheer lace to a very fitted outwear. The show was said to be breathtaking and from the photos I would agree. Rumor has it the end of the show is what topped it all off, when model Kristen McMenamy took her final turn in an lace gown it all when dark with only one spotlight overhead. Followed by a showering of gold flecks from above but wait that’s not all, she then used a rope hidden below the stage where she pulled herself to the end of the catwalk where the dark delighted forest awaited her- really? Really? Come on is that not remarkable? There needs to be a video released so I can stop imaging this performance, I need to see this live! The pictures don't do for me, anyone have any leads?

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