Friday, February 3

At the end of this month I am going to Mammoth and I am super excited although I do have one issue, trying to looks stylish in the snow. Yes, I know it sounds quite ridicules but it's not an easy thing to pull off. Being dressed in layers in twenty degree weather and a beanie that covers your forehead, and my personal favorite, the attached pieces that comes up from your chin to your mouth cannot be fashionable to say the least! So these past two weeks I have been trying to come up with some inspirations and here is what I have found... any feedback would be appreciated! Happy Friday


Skyler Gambrell said...

Better hope Mammoth gets some decent snow by then, otherwise your fancy clothes might be unneeded!

Kelley Christiancy said...

Haha I already went last month I heard they had a storm so there is technically more snow, cold weather is still unknown- but cute clothes is still a MUST!