Wednesday, March 14

All That Litter

Working in retail for many years I have seen small lines come in and out of the store. Recently, when I found out about Litters through Teak & Turquoise I knew it looked extremely familiar but not because they are on the T.V. show Shark Tank but because I have seen it where I shop. I started thinking and yep it sure enough it came to me! This line is being sold at FreePeople and Urban Outfitters the sister store of Anthroplogie where I have worked at for almost four years and counting. I think these sisters are doing a great job! I don’t know how much they are achieving on the Shark Tank but just the publicity alone they are getting will help these two sisters achieve more than what they have. My favorite part about their story is and I quote, “It may not be for everyone, and that is just the way they want to keep it.” Check out of pictures below and tell me what you think, I especially like the last photo of the black Hunter boot and the chains around the ankle.

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