Friday, November 15

A November Summer

                               Since it was surprisingly 90 degrees out I wanted to carry out the look as well, even
                               though it is currently Fall approaching Winter, go figure So Cal.
                               CARMAR are the jean shorts I have on and they are my absolute favorite.  I fell in 
                               love with them at LF Stores in Laguna Beach.  The variety of CARMAR's that the 
                               store carries, you will never go home empty handed. With the light shorts I placed it
                               with something bright and unforgettable, Clover Canyon makes that easy. Keeping 
                               my outfit casual and fun with flats to try to beat this Fall heat wave. 

                               Top: Clover Canyon
                               Bottom: CARMAR 
                               Shoes: Joie
                               Sunnies: Tom Ford

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