Wednesday, November 27

Quack Quack

                           Here you will see me in my long sleeve Vince blouse.  I love that it is longer than  
                           usually which makes it nice if you wear it with leggings for skinny jeans. The color is 
                           perfect for the fall. Below I have included the link and the different colors Vince is
                           carrying in there store right now, better yet the purple and blue top is on sale!  

                           Take a look at the picture below and see my Michael Kors shoes and the 
                           feet of the duck walking side by side. I don't think I could have got any closer before I 
                           startled the lil guy. My second favorite part of this picture is that I am directly walking 
                           over the no feeding duck sign, I just love it.  Hope you are enjoying my blog as much 
                           as I am. 

Purple Vince, Navy Vince

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