Wednesday, November 20

Shoes For The Holiday Season

                              Shoes, Shoes, Shoes.  Who doesn't need shoes for the Holiday season?  Above are 
                              some of my favorites especially for the Holiday's approaching.  Let me tell you a 
                              little about them, from left to right starting with the picture above.

                              Left: Prabal Gurgung makes wonderful, stunning shoes.  These zip up back booties 
                              look great with a mini dress, skinny jeans, even a skirt.  They have this great flower 
                              design on the sides and my favorite part besides the lace up is the see-thru fabric on 
                              the left and right side of the shoe. 

                              Middle: Seychelles is the brand for these glitter gems.  I had purchased them 
                              through Anthroplogie but if you click on the name of the shoe you will see the 
                              different types of heels they carry currently.  I love the heel and more importantly
                              the stretchy fabric that helps shape the shoe to your feet. 
                              Right: Prabal Gurgung, like I mentioned makes beautiful shoes.  These are latex, 
                              lace up booties with a zipper in the back.  They are quit the "look at me heel" 
                              however, I am not complaining. 

                              Flats: The pair on the left are Tory Burch, which are on sale at the moment and the
                              flats to the right of the Tory Burch's are Vera Wang.  Vera Wang does carry a large
                              selection of similar flats at Kohl's which are very affordable, unfortunately mine are 
                              a few years old. The good news is the Tory Burch flats are on sale now and I have 
                              provided you with the link to the multiple selections at the bottom of the post, it's 
                              now time to go shopping!

          Link to the Tory Burch Sale Shoes Below --

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