Saturday, December 7

Fisherman's Cove At It's Best

                        Since my blog covered my sweater and glasses yesterday, I thought 
                        what the heck I will show you the rest of my pictures because the 
                        location is just beautiful. It's one of  my favorite spots down in Laguna 
                        beach called Fisherman's Cove. There is something about the 
                        carefreeness that makes me forget about my worries,which we can all 
                        take the time to do especially during this holiday season that is 
                        coming way to fast. It has this peace and tranquility when you are
                        there, maybe its the waves and the sounds of the animals you can see
                        and hear. definitely suggest taking the time to go and enjoy this
                        spot like I do. 

                        Go now, here 

                          Sweater: Joie 
                          Sunnies: Marc by Marc Jacobs
                          Shorts: CarMar 
                          Watch: Michelle
                          Location: Fisherman's Cove, CA

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