Saturday, November 30

All Dressed Up

                       Clothes: Here is a dress by Rebecca Minkoff that I just absolutely love. The  
                       details on the pattern on the inside of the arm to the shorter length of 
                       the dress in front and longer in the back with the slit on the sides 
                       are the elements I love. I paired it with stockings to go with the cool 
                       weather and the holiday season. My vest is something fun I added to the 
                       outfit, instead of wearing a coat you can grab something simply but fun to help 
                       keep you warm.  This vest is a little outdated but still one of my favorite 
                       pieces of my closet. I purchased it at Nordstrom many moons ago, but you
                           can still find the designer Literature Noir

                       Shoes: My shoes are leather stelios points that are by Prabal Gurung that give
                       my legs enough length without making the dress too short, plus the stockings 
                       help with that illusion. 

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